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Alf has lived in the Pascoe Vale district for most of his life, including Pascoe Vale, Oak Park, Coburg, and Brunswick South-West. He now lives in Pascoe Vale South, where he runs a business, as a multidisciplinary designer. Alf shows courage, running as the only Independent for the seat of Pascoe Vale. Alf hears many sad stories in Pascoe Vale and the frustration of locals to get basic needs met at home, in business and the community.

Cheers for a local INDEPENDENT victory in Pascoe Vale.

Pascoe Vale has been in decline for too long. I want to stir the community to action, to put Pacco back on the map. I remember how my uncle Andy's local milkbar/delicatessen was bullied out of business at the Coonans Rd/Bell St junction, by a supermarket chain. An eyesore of decaying property has remained for years, soon to be turned into apartments. I want to avoid Pascoe Vale continuing as a "dorm suburb," as some call it.

The eyesore after uncle Andy's delicatessen was bullied out of business

Crime in Pascoe vale is serious at times. A few years ago my father (a senior) was mugged at a local McDonalds for his bag, which had his documents and wallet in it. The police did nothing. Dad drew pictures of the suspects and then identified one in mug shots. The police officer rang a few days later and said, "It couldn't have been him, he is on parol." This is not on! Dad didn't take it further, to prevent criminal reprisals. Dad had 3 broken ribs and lost use of his shoulder from this. Policing in Pascoe Vale ended when police stations were centralised to Coburg, Broadmeadows and Fawkner. Safety and response is not always effective. Dad was not compensated as a victim of crime, or the criminal prosecuted. The CCTV was conveniently off at the Maccas, it does not guarantee safety as a local fight recently showed.

Alf and fiance Niki

The local issues are clear. People are struggling, with lack of affordability from "bill bullying" and excessive mortgages, unemployment, ridiculous fines and rates. One senior complained last week, that he was fined $500, for sending his rates in late. He had received no notification of the bill, or lateness. 

I ask, why this is happening in Pacco? I sat in parliament this year for a few days and spoke to certain MPs. I discovered that OUR representatives are sometimes passing laws, without knowing what they are voting for and dismissing the questions of vulnerable constituents. While some laws generate much contention, many laws are passed, to follow a party line it seems. 

I discovered at times, that members vote without fully understanding what they are voting for. This is a terrible abuse of political power by OUR representatives. It makes Victorian law dubious when this is how law is passed. I have concluded that the best way to fix this problem is more scrutiny through independent pressure. Andrew Wilkie acts similarly: Independent Wilkie warns ALP on legislation scrutiny

Andrew Wilkie whistleblew about the government misleading the public on WMDs.

When I tried to get local member Christine Campbell to help me locally and to represent my case in State Parliament, she did not help at all. I had to learn how parliament worked in a day and then challenged amendments to law personally through the Greens and the DLP in The Legislative Council.
I was very impressed with Peter Kavanagh's openness to listen and act for his constituents. I later discovered that there is only one Independent in Victorian Parliament. Now from applying this prsssure, Hansard (the record of Parliament) records the true intention of the law as recorded, and cannot be distorted or interpreted vaguely by courts or organisations against people falsely. These amendments affect us all, because we pay for them with our tax dollars and through the misuse of law against us. 

I took some photos at Parliament when I was there:

Pensioners and Seniors want Labor & Brumby out

The desperation of seniors is clear

Seniors in Pascoe Vale are struggling more than ever. The next wave of seniors may also have lost massive chunks of their superannuation in The Global Financial Crisis. Sadly many seniors are now working well into their 60s because of the lack of affordability. This is compounded by many children , who are moving back home, because houses and rent are too expensive in the property boom. Many in Pascoe Vale complain about massive unexpected price hikes in power and telephone bills.

 The big parties politicking doesn't solve issues.

With a weak opposition, serious wrong can go unchecked. The big parties have become complacent or are stuck in party agendas. Speaking to people in Pascoe Vale, there are many unhappy locals. The big issues are not being met, despite all the billion dollar show business from the Labor Government, who Christine Campbell represents.

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