Sunday, November 28, 2010



I was at Coburg railway station putting up signs and handing out material. I sat down to have a drink and a kid about 18 or 19, was ripping up and pulling down my signs. He was shouting, "I wanta kill this fucking Arab- Hickey," I was sitting down, laughing in the background. I then went up to him and explained, "my name is Alf Hickey, how are you doing, last time I checked, Hickey is an Irish name." All his friends cracked up laughing.

When handing out literature, I noticed that "Anglo men," tended to reject it, while women and people with seemingly non-Anglo heritage accepted it. I had gone to a church once in Coburg, where there was a distinctly anti-Arab feeling.

A few weeks ago, an anti-racism rap group called "Arab," played at The Brunswick Town Hall, their performance was incredible with spontaneous creation of poetry/rap with random words given by the audience.


Was handing out literature in a Catholic church car park. The local Catholic priest came up to me and said, "I do not allow political advertising on this church property." He then threatened to call the police and said, "this property is mine."

I explained to him then, that the land is God's, not his.  I then reminded him about Peter Kavanagh's DLP promotional literature, which He had placed on the entrance table to the church. Parishoners in the car park were quietly amused. I said, "sorry if I offended you."


Was at Preston Maccas at 2 or 3 in the morning during the campaign. I asked the police about their attitude to traffic cameras. They explained that they understood them to be for revenue raising. One constable explained, that it might be better, if they knew what the money was being spent on. He said police hate speed cameras, "we think they do nothing to prevent speeding."  I made and put up a few signs around the area after they told me this emphasising "Let's end traffic camera revenue raising."Probably should have added, "parking revenue raising."

After the police explained that they understood traffic cameras to be revenue raising,
I put some of these signs up around Pascoe Vale.

The police explained how they were understaffed. That in one night there are only two police officers on duty in any one district. This contrasts to previous decades when I was a kid, where there were two police stations on Bell St alone. They explained how response is coordinated in major incidents. Several people in the Pascoe Vale district were complaining about police issues and response times.

See: Top cop warned to ignore faulty cameras for revenue

See: on cameras
See: Police agree speed cameras are for revenue raising


Was competing with Christine Campbell in Pascoe Vale for votes. She made a comment about the superiority and coming of red heads, I responded, "Red heads are so successful, that they almost create a double dissolution (DD) in Parliament." She didn't get it. I explained that Julia Gillard, our red headed prime minister, may create a double dissolution in parliament. 

Christine Campbell and he father at a school in North Coburg.
My father manned the booth for an hour or so at Pascoe Vale Primary.
A double dissolusion is where both houses of a parliament are dissolved and a new election is held, because the parliament does not function. There has been talk, that there will be a DD in federal parliament under Julia Gillard. There is a strong possibility that Victorian parliament will not function, if the parliament is hung.

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See: Melbourne redheads see red on climate

Friday, November 19, 2010


I think I have demonstrated sufficient guts, to take on politicians in Parliament and make Parliament accountable for us people. 

Alf Angelo Hickey. The guts to improve Education in Victoria and make the Education Department accountable through basic common sense vs their beaurocratic baloney.

I thought the ABC represented balanced and insightful reporting. I never thought that the ABC would lower itself, to acknowledge the sensationalist rubbish which comes out of the Herald Sun. Anyway, they mention that I was dubbed "hoon teacher." Just remember I also called Andrew Bolt a "hoon mouth" too, such imbalanced reporting from you guys, tut tut !
I refuse to accept media and state bullying by the multi billion dollar DEECD and VIT. I will stand up for what is right and true !

In 2007 I was bullied with aggressive vague slander and allegations, after defending a teacher who was herself bullied. I have been fighting this group of principals, ever since and the corrupt education department who supports them. This began with a principal, Tony Jacobs at Vermont Secondary College, who until May 23, 2007, said that I would be given a permanent position promised me in my job interview. Before May 23, he said I was an excellent teacher, then he backflipped.

Let's have a look at Tony Jacob's recent deceit:

In my experience, the school hid its failures by bullying the source that revealed them, or the person who is struggling. This school, from my first hand experience, actively tried to remove students of certain ethnicities from the school. One coordinator said, "we move students like that, on to more appropriate contexts." The administrative speak for racism today. 

Any photos from 2007, will show a primarily Anglo group of staff and students. Harry Ruff another principal, reinforced an inbred school mentality saying "...many teachers send their own kids there." This sort of nepotism and mentality is not on in Victorian schools. 

I had complained in a meeting on May 23, that Vermont was employing unqualified teachers to teach woodwork. I observed teachers allowing students to use heavy power tools, without identifying serious mistakes, like using a disk sander on the wrong side of the wheel.

See: Over 50% of schools with unqualified staff
See: Cheap Unqualified teachers in UK
See: 500% Increase in unqualified staff under Labor

My supervisor there said, that he had observed my incumbent let a student use a Mig welder without eye or hand protection. This is the sort of risk, which some principals are unleashing on our students. The reason was revealed at a VIT hearing. Rod Williamson said, "we thought it would be best to place woodwork in the art curriculum." At VIT, this "principal" wasn't even aware of my qualifications and expertise.

When I taught at Pascoe Vale Girls College, Helen Jackson (Victorias longest serving teacher/principal) was honoured by students as a progressive, encouraging students to do "rap."

I knew there was a major problem at Vermont, when a student using a power tool and I were showered with glass while working in a class.  A ball hit a window. A principal who was supposed to be supervising an activity, had just left students wandering the school to mess around.

I wanted to get a report on this for VIT and VCAT. This was denied me. I reported this to DEECD and it seems my complaint was ignored. I was not able to get any information from the school. When I requested it, they said, "you don't work for DEECD anymore." It just further highlights a corrupt education system which hides its error, rather than make principals accountable. I realised there are few mechanisms to keep principals and DEECD/VIT truly accountable. The DATA from the Auditor General's Office, while it has revealed the failure of Labor's billion dollar education blueprint, cannot police the great ineptitude of principals like Tony Jacobs and Rod Williamson. 
I will bring accountability back to Education in Victoria if I am elected in. I wont target teachers. I will make DEECD do its job, so lost in its beaurocatic mess.

I was at a local supermarket yesterday and bumped into a local student from the past, who is now a manager. She studied in my form at the school. She explained how a principal at Pascoe Vale Girls College, tried to bully her sister out of the school. It just so happened, that this principal also bullied me at the school. It's not Helen Jackson either, despite the school's excessive Christmas parties.

This principal authorised, that all my student's work be thrown out, several weeks before the end of term. Fortunately I had documented all the work and the class. The students were angry. When I asked where the work was, I discovered much of it had been thrown out. She said, the room was left in a mess. Fortunately I had photos of the class, as I had been recording the progress of the work as is my habit, the room had not been in a mess. She was lying and bullying me, by trying to destroy my student's work and undermining my effectiveness with the class. This has happened before too. The reason they do it, I believe, is that you outshine their political supporters in the school. I have hundred's of examples of this in my own teaching experience. 

I will tackle workplace bullying in schools created by Labor's beaurocracy. This detracts from care and teaching students. 

See $70,000 on School Christmas Parties

Students always had a great regard for Helen Jackson as "progressive," believe it or not. Students explained, how she took a poetry class one day and actually asked the kids to make a rap. They appreciated Julie Atkinson as someone who really cared for student's welfare.

My own case reveals the serious corruption in Victorian Education.
I am labelled a hoon, without evidence by people, who are not qualified to make those judgments. I asked Christine Campbell, my local MP, to support me this year, she ignored my requests. Our rights and values are being crushed by Labor.
As I explained before, in 2007, after defending a woman bullied in a school for her faith, I was then bullied by principals and denied a position promised to me. When I complained, false allegations were made against me. One of these principals, was exposed in the media this year by parents. He claimed that students had disability at his school, which they didn’t, to hide poor school performance in school tables. 

The Education Department and VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching) has not brought him to account.  I went to Parliament myself, to fight manipulative amendments to the ETR ACT 2006 legislation, which enables such corruption in the Victorian Education system. I found that parliament, at times to be out of touch with educational realities. What is worse, I discovered that MPs sometimes vote without knowing what they are voting for. The bain of party politics. 
I am fighting for fairness and for truly safer workplaces in Parliament. I will stress that legislation protects the underdog, not just powerful bullies like principals.I aim to end the culture of weak workers unions with managers who create unions like VASSP and other pressure groups which have failed to raise standards in schools.

More teachers” and schools, will not solve the issues in Education. Despite The Australian Labor’s Party’s billion dollar initiatives, the Auditor General’s reports, shows literacy and numeracy are in drammatic decline at most levels, except early years, but even then the improvements are not sustained after this.
See Literacy, Numeracy, Science, School Safety down despite high teacher to student ratios
See Auditor General's Statement

The truth is crushed by an Education Department (DEECD), with little accountability from government, despite the public uproar about the problems. 

I will bring accountability back to an Education Department, which inundates teachers with so much unnecessary paperwork and stress, that teachers can hardly focus on the students anymore. I will oppose the VIT, an expensive white elephant, funded by the public and “teacher tax,” which claims to regulate teachers, when it’s the Education Department which needs the regulation. This is an accountability which Labor fails to provide.


At Pascoe Vale Girls College, my students didn't just get plans and build something. They actually designed a fussball table as a group, detailed the design and manufactured it, in smaller teams, who competed to complete it first. I turned the class into a microcosm of Industry and situated the work in the current World Cup, to make the course relevant.

Student work in my classes at Vermont in 2007, where it is falsely claimed I couldn't cope because of anxiety and stress. I became anxious and suicidally depressed after an intense barrage of bullying by principals who threatened, blackmailed and lied against me. The students had already submitted the semester assessment work which had been assessed prior to me leaving the school, to protect myself from the bullying.


The summary of the determination at VIT. November 20, 2010.  
As a graduate teacher, the school is supposed to modify work, to the level or needs of the teacher, by the VGSA agreement active at the time. Problem is there is no evidence of failures and there is evidence of a lot of abuse of process. It also makes any principal actions illegal and inappropriate management actions. 
I understand that the VIT is a body, designed to enable the institutional bullying of teachers by principals. Patrick McGorry, Australian of the year, explained in the Maurice Blackburn Oration at Moreland Town Hall, that claims like this VIT statement about me (unfit because of anxiety/stress), is discriminatory and can be likened to apartheid. 

But this state sanctioned bullying and "apartheid" is normal in Victorian Education and is institutionalised by the VIT. The VIT lacks insight regarding the law and the fact that the "management decisions" of the principals were illegal by the VGSA 2004 (Victorian Government School Agreement ). The principal's actions against me are discriminatory and broke all the responsibilities and duty of care, of a principal toward a teacher. VIT lacked the insight to see what was obvious.

The school's own OH&S policy was broken in actions towards me. 
Despite incredible successes with the students at Vermont in 2007, with the bullying from principals. The anxiety and as you will see, the allegations, were a lie. The bullying is of an extreme form, abusing state systems and making up statements that I did not make; it must shock Victoria, that public funds are misused this way. But the Labor Government has just given VIT almost unlimited power against a teacher. 

Government enables, through its instruments of Institutional bullying, DEECD (The Department of Education) and VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching), who steal public and teacher money, to do something better done by the police or AFP.
VIT is a white elephant. As The King report showed, it failed to improve the profile of teaching in Victoria. And my case demonstrates that it lacks the ability to regulate as well.

The journalists who slandered me, need to be reigned in by someone with responsibility. After Andrew Bolt got involved, I just called him a "hoon mouth, who imagines he's driving a Ferrari on his tricycle." He is far from being a responsible journalist. Hoon mouth Bolt !!


Being a whistleblower about state corruption, I am protected by the Whistleblower Act , to reveal such things publicly, including the names of the corrupt elements. I did make disclosures to DEECD Conduct and Ethics, VIT and principals. These were disgregarded. This is why I make public presentations, because of the extreme injustice. As a whistleblower, prior to the actions of the principals, I am also protected from persecution. This did not stop the aggressive bullying and targeting of me by the principals.

The lady I defended, was bullied by staff for her faith. I was then bullied by three principals intensely for the next few months. This continued to DEECD (Education Department) and VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching), without adequate recourse. This included backing down, on a position promised me, despite clear evidence of outcomes, assessments and good teaching, all while supporting the school community strongly and taking extra-curricula sport, which I was encouraged to take. I am a qualified designer and offer advanced skills to students. Here is some work I did voluntarily after the Kinglake Bushfires:

Voluntary design of this booklet cover and making a large sign
for The Kinglake Anzac Dawn Service


Students make receipt stakes for their parents. I tried to contextualise projects like this, calling it, "Tax Time." The design is painted in the parent's football team colors and or favourite colors and is framed as a gift for father's/mother's day or their birthday. 
The government has supported this torture against a local Pascoe Vale person and Christine Campbell refused to act, supporting the injustice and shirking her Ministerial responsibility to help a local. I have been committed to the community in Pascoe Vale, since I was a kid. What is worse, Christine Campbell's failure to take up my cause in parliament, might be parliamentary misconduct. Bronwyn Pike (Education Minister) has also shirked her responsibility to act. When I actually sat in parliament, two people described Bronwyn Pike, as a really poor Parliamentary performer.

I have supported the elderly and others in Oak Park since I was a kid and am approved by an ex-Mayor/Veteran/Justice of the peace/Principal, the late Dave Bucknell, who recommended me and gave me references to do teaching. Despite incredible accomplishments in schools, I am treated like garbage. I think Victorians and people in Pascoe Vale are sick of being bullied by this dud government and want their better teachers to teach their kids. It becomes increasingly clear that principals do not have the judgment necessary to employ teachers.

I developed courses and online learning materials at Pascoe vale Girls College. I Taught students ahow to create a dress up doll using their own elements, scripting in HTML, Photoshop and some separately in Flash. 


1. Falsified minutes said, "I take speed to stay awake."
2. Being late (when the school record showed otherwise)
3. On a camp, the evidence shows that I was probably on time. No one rang to see if I was lost or not, I made every attempt to contact the camp that I was lost at Phillip Island, but it seems by the evidence that i was actually there on time.
4. Dangerous driving, when the evidence shows that I was tailgated by as school bus and that there is no true evidence of dangerous driving at the school at all.

The student that accused me of swearing at him, threatened me consistently and manufactured false allegations against me. This is his table. I had sourced free materials to recycle from a company, for him to make it. It showed that I achieved with extremely challenging students despite the bullying and lack of support from principals. 

5. Swearing at a student, when the context was that a student had given me death threats, which was revealed at all hearings. I told the student, that if he spoke like that at Tafe, where he told me he wanted to study, "they'd tell him to fuck off." It's what they do ! 
It's worse in the Army, where I was a reservist for about 5 years. Principal Harry Ruff admitted that he did not take an incident report from me (against school policy), yet raises the allegations from this student who had previously given me death threats, in line with another violent student at the school. I did write one, this was suppressed by the school. Isn't it obvious by action and omission they were bullying me.

I taught students like this girl at Vermont Secondary
how to design an innovative jewellery stand.

I created these posters to encourage female students to take up design
7. Not supervising students, when all evidence shows that I supported students, that any other claims could not be made, by common sense.
One of these involved being sick in a toilet emergency, where I secured supervision and then. Another example from class was brought up, but when a map of the class is shown, as I did, I was actually supervising better, by being in the back room. The principals lied.
A coordinator admits at VIT, that he let a student return to camp unsupervised, and I was then blamed for this with a serious allegation.

8. Allowing students to sit and stand on tables. There is no clear reason for why you can't, as long as a risk assessment is made (Worksafe). And in this school, I was the most qualified at the school to make it. Despite letting a kid stand on a table oncee. I stopped when I was told not to, then this was raised as a serious allegation and I was dubbed as "bizarre" by Stephen Drill of The Herald Sun." 

At VIT, I showed a photo from a principal who authorised an image image for the school website, where a student is sitting on a computer table. This principal, Sandra Woodman then taught at Vermont. In my VIT portfolio, I had an image of a student standing on a table to do work. It was approved and not raised as an issue by any one, including Tony Jacobs who saw it.

Banner start of Blackburn High School Secondary College, shows student sitting on a computer table, approved by Principal Sandra Woodman, who then became a principal at Vermont Secondary College. She was doing research in 2007 while I was there.

9. While I support transparent communications between students of all ages, teachers and others as is normal on the internet, as long as parents are part of this. VIT had the wisdom to rule that, there was no investigation or valid evidence that I had tried to contact students on facebook and even then it is questionable if this would be bad, eg. educational reasons. Stephen Drill is a journalist hell bent on implicating teachers who help students after school. He needs to be challenged. I argue that teachers as well as parents need to engage more with students online. It may prevent situations like the My Space suicides.

10. I was accused of not doing assessments. I had done all the assessments in my journal which I presented at VIT and VCAT. I was on leave, to protect myself from the principal's bullying. The school refused to pay for my leave, where I was also looking for other work and doing some odd jobs for a local night club for the cost of materials. The school refused to pay for my sick leave and I had to pay rent at my Docklands apartment. All these actions of the school manager are in breach of law.

11. It was claimed that I did not tell the daily organiser that I was not going to be away on leave, yet this is not true and the record at the school, it seems agrees with me. Principal Rod Williamson admitted that I had rung in explaining the extreme effect of his and Tony Jacob's bullying was doing to me.

MySpace Suicides

The  bullying I experienced and its effects, are described as torture by the UN, especially when these are justified by state authorities. Such institutional bullying is also what is described as sham peer review by Holland and Hart, a legal firm who often sees this in Parliament.

See: Holland and Hart- Sham Peer Review

The extreme nature of the bullying warrants criminal charges. Yet when I asked my local member Christine Campbell, to support me, she refused. I had to take my cause to Parliament and fight parts of the legislation which enables such bullying. The ETR ACT 2006 !

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Cultural diversity at Senior Boys Hostel, at Woodstock International School Mussoorie.

Pascoe Vale has been Alf Hickey's home for most of his life. He loves the cultural diversity and potential in the area. He has studied at Woodstock boarding school in India, for two years, taught in England for a year and lived, worked and studied in Sydney for 5 years. In India he was elected into hiking, house, sport and re-forestry leadership at school in this multi-ethnic community from all over the world. At RMIT, Alf was elected student leader in all courses and secretary of the basketaball club for several years.

Alf says, "there should be no such thing as a 'safe seat' in Victoria.
If the local population is struggling with the basics, and billions are wasted, change the Government and keep Parliament accountable."
Alf wants to transfer his skills as a designer and innovative thinker, to tackle problems in the community.

He believes that grassroots, local solutions, will solve the big issues in Pascoe Vale like: affordability, “dorm suburbia” and general social decline. Alf’s real stories from Pascoe Vale are shocking. In the last year he started a strategy, to connect local business with locals to improve business and jobs.

Alf's slogan, "serving people not a party," captures his grassroots philosphy.

Alf says, "we need to invest in people rather than oppress them. People are feeling boxed in. We can improve affordability, reduce debt and foster friendship by investing in friendship, rather than 'just buildings.' "  We can transform the local community.

Alf's Black and White Campaign, contrasts expensive glossy party adverts.

Alf says, “Independents are our Future.” Pascoe Vale wants to end the “Liberal Saves-Labor Spends” rigmarole.
Independents reduce the politics and make it, “REAL NEEDS MET.”
Alf says, “The data is clear, that in almost all areas Labor has failed. It's well known that Labor spent over a billion dollars in advertising, to seemingly gloss over a dud government. The Liberals, let them do it."

Alf wants to stop this abuse of power. Alf wants to stimulate local innovation, which naturally develops industry, jobs, economy, local and national competitiveness. Alf says, by facilitating local opportunities,and acting local, be that in your own house, issues like grid lock, packed public transport and energy waste/pollution, can naturally be eliminated.

This is a local INDEPENDENT strategy, not one imposed by a political party. 
He says, "A healthy global community emerges from bottom up, not just top down. If the roots are sick, the whole planet will suffer."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Alf has lived in the Pascoe Vale district for most of his life, including Pascoe Vale, Oak Park, Coburg, and Brunswick South-West. He now lives in Pascoe Vale South, where he runs a business, as a multidisciplinary designer. Alf shows courage, running as the only Independent for the seat of Pascoe Vale. Alf hears many sad stories in Pascoe Vale and the frustration of locals to get basic needs met at home, in business and the community.

Cheers for a local INDEPENDENT victory in Pascoe Vale.

Pascoe Vale has been in decline for too long. I want to stir the community to action, to put Pacco back on the map. I remember how my uncle Andy's local milkbar/delicatessen was bullied out of business at the Coonans Rd/Bell St junction, by a supermarket chain. An eyesore of decaying property has remained for years, soon to be turned into apartments. I want to avoid Pascoe Vale continuing as a "dorm suburb," as some call it.

The eyesore after uncle Andy's delicatessen was bullied out of business

Crime in Pascoe vale is serious at times. A few years ago my father (a senior) was mugged at a local McDonalds for his bag, which had his documents and wallet in it. The police did nothing. Dad drew pictures of the suspects and then identified one in mug shots. The police officer rang a few days later and said, "It couldn't have been him, he is on parol." This is not on! Dad didn't take it further, to prevent criminal reprisals. Dad had 3 broken ribs and lost use of his shoulder from this. Policing in Pascoe Vale ended when police stations were centralised to Coburg, Broadmeadows and Fawkner. Safety and response is not always effective. Dad was not compensated as a victim of crime, or the criminal prosecuted. The CCTV was conveniently off at the Maccas, it does not guarantee safety as a local fight recently showed.

Alf and fiance Niki

The local issues are clear. People are struggling, with lack of affordability from "bill bullying" and excessive mortgages, unemployment, ridiculous fines and rates. One senior complained last week, that he was fined $500, for sending his rates in late. He had received no notification of the bill, or lateness. 

I ask, why this is happening in Pacco? I sat in parliament this year for a few days and spoke to certain MPs. I discovered that OUR representatives are sometimes passing laws, without knowing what they are voting for and dismissing the questions of vulnerable constituents. While some laws generate much contention, many laws are passed, to follow a party line it seems. 

I discovered at times, that members vote without fully understanding what they are voting for. This is a terrible abuse of political power by OUR representatives. It makes Victorian law dubious when this is how law is passed. I have concluded that the best way to fix this problem is more scrutiny through independent pressure. Andrew Wilkie acts similarly: Independent Wilkie warns ALP on legislation scrutiny

Andrew Wilkie whistleblew about the government misleading the public on WMDs.

When I tried to get local member Christine Campbell to help me locally and to represent my case in State Parliament, she did not help at all. I had to learn how parliament worked in a day and then challenged amendments to law personally through the Greens and the DLP in The Legislative Council.
I was very impressed with Peter Kavanagh's openness to listen and act for his constituents. I later discovered that there is only one Independent in Victorian Parliament. Now from applying this prsssure, Hansard (the record of Parliament) records the true intention of the law as recorded, and cannot be distorted or interpreted vaguely by courts or organisations against people falsely. These amendments affect us all, because we pay for them with our tax dollars and through the misuse of law against us. 

I took some photos at Parliament when I was there:

Pensioners and Seniors want Labor & Brumby out

The desperation of seniors is clear

Seniors in Pascoe Vale are struggling more than ever. The next wave of seniors may also have lost massive chunks of their superannuation in The Global Financial Crisis. Sadly many seniors are now working well into their 60s because of the lack of affordability. This is compounded by many children , who are moving back home, because houses and rent are too expensive in the property boom. Many in Pascoe Vale complain about massive unexpected price hikes in power and telephone bills.

 The big parties politicking doesn't solve issues.

With a weak opposition, serious wrong can go unchecked. The big parties have become complacent or are stuck in party agendas. Speaking to people in Pascoe Vale, there are many unhappy locals. The big issues are not being met, despite all the billion dollar show business from the Labor Government, who Christine Campbell represents.