Thursday, November 18, 2010


Cultural diversity at Senior Boys Hostel, at Woodstock International School Mussoorie.

Pascoe Vale has been Alf Hickey's home for most of his life. He loves the cultural diversity and potential in the area. He has studied at Woodstock boarding school in India, for two years, taught in England for a year and lived, worked and studied in Sydney for 5 years. In India he was elected into hiking, house, sport and re-forestry leadership at school in this multi-ethnic community from all over the world. At RMIT, Alf was elected student leader in all courses and secretary of the basketaball club for several years.

Alf says, "there should be no such thing as a 'safe seat' in Victoria.
If the local population is struggling with the basics, and billions are wasted, change the Government and keep Parliament accountable."
Alf wants to transfer his skills as a designer and innovative thinker, to tackle problems in the community.

He believes that grassroots, local solutions, will solve the big issues in Pascoe Vale like: affordability, “dorm suburbia” and general social decline. Alf’s real stories from Pascoe Vale are shocking. In the last year he started a strategy, to connect local business with locals to improve business and jobs.

Alf's slogan, "serving people not a party," captures his grassroots philosphy.

Alf says, "we need to invest in people rather than oppress them. People are feeling boxed in. We can improve affordability, reduce debt and foster friendship by investing in friendship, rather than 'just buildings.' "  We can transform the local community.

Alf's Black and White Campaign, contrasts expensive glossy party adverts.

Alf says, “Independents are our Future.” Pascoe Vale wants to end the “Liberal Saves-Labor Spends” rigmarole.
Independents reduce the politics and make it, “REAL NEEDS MET.”
Alf says, “The data is clear, that in almost all areas Labor has failed. It's well known that Labor spent over a billion dollars in advertising, to seemingly gloss over a dud government. The Liberals, let them do it."

Alf wants to stop this abuse of power. Alf wants to stimulate local innovation, which naturally develops industry, jobs, economy, local and national competitiveness. Alf says, by facilitating local opportunities,and acting local, be that in your own house, issues like grid lock, packed public transport and energy waste/pollution, can naturally be eliminated.

This is a local INDEPENDENT strategy, not one imposed by a political party. 
He says, "A healthy global community emerges from bottom up, not just top down. If the roots are sick, the whole planet will suffer."

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